Nitinol is a term for binary near equal-atom Ni-Ti alloys, and it is widely used in medical due to its unique super-elasticity. However, Ternary or other Nickel-Titanium alloys can be achieved for different properties. All incoming Nitinol raw materials are subjected to third party inspection to ensure they meet proprietary specifications for chemistry, transformation temperature, material homogeneity, and microstructure. To promote an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface finish quality, all wire and tube products utilize a high precision single and/or multi crystalline diamond drawing die technology to reach the final wire diameter.
Nitinol Ropes
Nitinol Ropes
Nitinol ropes are formed by wrapping several filaments of nitinol wires together. They exhibit the super-elastic property of nitinol material, while also demonstrate the excellent flexibility, controllability and miniaturization of stainless steel wire ropes.
MechanicalProperties (StraightAnnealed) :

Surface Status
Black oxide
Light oxide(varies from golden yellow to brown)
Packaging of Wires
Spool: wire must be wound evenly on the spools, without breaks or tangles;
Fixed Length: Peiertech can cut wire at customer’s requested length;
* Other packaging method could be discussed with Peiertech.
Orthopedic Cable System
Orthodontic Instruments
Spinal Cable Systems

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