Peiertech provides laser micromachining and premium surface finishing to companies worldwide that demand quality in a wide variety of medical devices including stents, flexible hypotubes, clips, and components for catheters, endoscopes, and orthopedic devices.
佩尔科技 佩尔科技
Contract Manufacturing
Most of our assembly is carried out in Controlled Environment Room (CER) with strong advantages of Precision Assembly
● Clean-room: Class 10K or100K
● Proven High Volume Performance
● Helps Customers to:
■ Reduce time to market
■ Reduce supply risk
■ Reduce manufacturing costs
■ Enhance product quality.
Laser Cutting
Laser Welding
Resistance Welding
UV Silicone Adhesion or Bonding
Epoxy Gluing and Curing
Microscopic Sewing of Grafts
Heat Shrinking in Clean Room
Cleaning and Packing in Clean Room

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