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Af Tester
As one of the key indicators on super-elastic performance, active Af is of vital importance to secure the realization of super-elastic functionality. Since most of Nitinol implants are small in size (at the level of mm) and light in weight (at the level of mg), the conventional testing methods listed in the attachment of ASTM F2082/F2082M-16 unable to test precisely the active Af. Af tester can wonderfully do such testing jobs with characteristics of :
● True Free Recovery
● Non-destructive
● Measure various devices and sizes
● High-throughput with both testing data and videos
● Multiple samples in one run
● Easy-to-use
● Portable

The testing results can be read in any of the following Af determination methods: Tangent lines and 95% recovery, from the testingcurves, as specified by ASTM F2082/F2082M-16. Af tester also offer 100% recovery (end-point) Af determination method to mimic how a human would interpret the result when performing manual visual Af testing.
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Radial Loading Testing
As defined in ASTMF3067-14 "Guide for Radial Loading of Balloon Expandable and Self Expanding Vascular Stents", Peiertech uses professional equipment to test radial loading. The equipment can meet the testing requirements of most products and provide test report in detail. The ranges of test parameters are as follows: 1) Testing Diameter range: 0 - 60mm
2) Maximum Length: 248mm
3) Maximum Radial Loading: 930N
4) Typical Friction Level Of Radial Force: ±1.5N
5) Diameter Resolution: 0.00095mm
6) Radial Resolution: 0.005N
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ONH Testing
According to the trace component content requirements specified in ASTM F2063-18, the content of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen is tested by ONH836 oxygen-nitrogen-hydrogen analyzer. The analyzer uses the inert gas fusion method to provide simultaneous analysis of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen in a wide range of inorganic materials, steel, Non-ferrous metal, cemented carbide, and ceramic materials.
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Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature by thermal analysis. According to the regulatory of ASTM F2004-17(2017), DSC can be used for testing the Af temperature of nitinol ingot.
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Galvanic Corrosion Testing
As defined in ASTM F3044-20 "Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Potential for Galvanic Corrosion for Medical Implants", Peiertech uses specialized electrochemical instrumentations to ensure the feasibility of implanting two or more metals into the human body and study the effective preventive measures for this feasibility. Peiertech has also participated in the establishment of the national/industrial standard test method "Standard Test Method for Galvanic Corrosion of Surgical Implants" and can design fixture and perform tests according to different stent shapes and testing sites.
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Other Testing
◎ Tensile Testing
◎ Rotary Bending Fatigue Test
◎ Optical Profilometry
◎ Weld-adhesion Test ◎ Corrosion Resistance Test
◎ Grain-size Measurement
◎ Micro-hardness
◎ Metallographic analysis
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